C Square Farm’s Horses For Sale

C Square Farm is known throughout the equestrian industry as a reputable and professional sales facility. We have successfully sold an average of 50 horses per year with exceptional client feedback.

There are several horses that C Square Farm specializes in selling.

First and foremost, we want the horses we represent to be shown to our clients in an honest, ethical, and transparent manner.

As a horse buyer, this means that we will give you all the information regarding the horse’s behavior, both in the stable and under saddle, that we know. We will talk to you about any vices, health history, or special needs the animal might have.

Additionally, we will provide you with all vet reports on the horse prior to the prepurchase exam. We think this is a critical point as many times, issues are often forgotten or not mentioned leading to misunderstandings and decisions being made without all of the information. We would suggest that even if you do not choose to use our services as a buyer’s or seller’s agent that you would require all vet records be made available to you before a prepurchase exam.

Please take the time to read our Buyer’s & Seller’s Testimonials!

$15k and Under

$15K to $30K

$30K to $45K

$45K and Over


Age: 2012
Height: 15.2h
Sex: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sire: Outflanker
Dam: La Tina
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Primero de Mayo

Age: 2011
Height: 16.1h
Sex: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sire: Buzzards Bay
Dam: Echo Company
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Sport Horses

We primarily sell Sport Horses. The adage ‘a good horse, is a good horse’ rings true at C Square Farm. A lot of the horses we represent will fit more than just one type of category.

Event Horses for Sale

Our primary market is Event Horses. These are horses that are or have the potential to be successful in the discipline of Eventing, Horse Trials, or Three Day Eventing.

Three Day Eventing is an Olympic Sport consisting of Dressage, which is like figures in figure skating. It shows the flexibility and discipline that a horse has within its gaits. The lengthening and shortening of the stride are shown, as well as being laterally supple, and perform elegant and intricate movements.

Cross Country is the next phase of Eventing. It is the substance of Eventing. Here horses and riders are asked to be brave and jump fences or multiple fences in combination without ever having seen them before. They are asked to jump into water and across huge ditches. They are expected to jump in and out of sunken holes in the ground, and sometimes even over cars.

Show Jumping is the last phase of Eventing. It is often held on the third day after the grueling cross country ride. Here the horse and rider have a series of 12-20 jumping efforts over obstacles that with the slightest pressure will be dislodged and a penalty assessed.

It takes an extraordinary horse to be able to succeed in the sport of Eventing as it is like the triathlon of equine endeavors.

Dressage and Show Jumpers

We also sell specialists in the worlds of Dressage and Show Jumpers. These horses are capable of doing more highly skilled movements in Dressage or sometimes will be asked to jump higher than 5 feet.

Show Horses

Hunters and Equitation horses can also be found at C Square Farm. These horses tend to come to us from the eventing or jumper worlds and need to be able to have the rhythmic and consistent pace of a show horse with a good lead change and to be able to jump their jumps with good style without causing their riders to become unbalanced.


The last type of horse we sell are foxhunters. As we mentioned above, sometimes the horses we sell can do more than one of the jobs listed above. That is often the case with the foxhunters.

With foxhunting, horse and rider follow a pack of hounds who will scent and follow a fox, chase it over hill and dale, providing sport as the fox tricks and confuses the hound with his intelligence. These horses have to be brave to jump things in the country but also kind as they need to be able to keep their wits about them as they are asked to run and jump with many other horses while the hounds use their voices to give chase to the fox.