Patty Moshanko

I think that it is important that you know how much I appreciate all of your help and expertise and most of all patience in helping me to achieve my goal of beginning my eventing career as a forty-something amateur. Since the summer of 2001 when I began taking lessons, my riding ability and confidence level have improved greatly due to your knowledge and effectiveness as an instructor and trainer.

Some steps in the process of becoming a more effective rider were the lessons I had while riding some of your young event prospects. I was so impressed with the overall quality of these Irish horses with their willing attitudes, athleticism and gentle natures that I realized I needed one of my own! I can’t tell you how happy I am with “The Color of Kells” (a.k.a. “Paul the Pinto” and “The Gold Standard of Pintos”). That fact that you have worked with him a great deal and competed him at the Preliminary level gives me even more confidence when I can see what his capabilities are as I build my partnership with him. Paul is a challenging instructor in his own right!

I really want to thank you for all of your support and friendship and I look forward to continuing my work with you and Paul as we set higher goals for the future.

- Patty Moshanko

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