Courtney, I wanted to thank you again for everything you did during my latest horse shopping experience. Your recommendation of Tim Frommer and Brookledge was wonderful- I couldn’t be happier with them. Demon ended up coming in a box stall, he was relaxed and content when he arrived, and they were spot on with their departure/arrival times. Thank you for helping to arrange the PPE- I was also very happy with Dr. Thompson- she was super nice, patient, and easy to work with. Thank you for trailering Demon to Sandy Hills for me to try him XC… Of course, you are always a consummate professional, and you make the horse-shopping a much less painless experience (in fact, it can actually be fun!). I really appreciate all that you do to make the process go so smoothly…

Meighan and I had a great time with you- thank you for your hospitality by including us at Paradise Farms HT and at your barn. And thank you very much for the opportunity to hack your awesome horse, Vendi! Meighan also loved Grace- she said that was a mare definitely worth having (she is not a mare person)! We really had fun.

I wish you the best of luck this year with Tag, Hope, Vendi, and the rest of event team (including all of your spectacular homebreds!)! I’ll be following along on EN and your website for the latest…. And I’ll keep you informed on how Demon and Kilo and Lee and I are doing.

Thanks again for everything,

- Tara

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