Macayla Gardner

MacCaylaGardnerBeing a working student during the winter season in Aiken was been the best way to completely immerse myself in the horse industry.  Several of my mentors knew Courtney and encouraged me to look into this opportunity to provide guidance in choosing my career path before starting college. This  experience has done that and more!

Working with the C Square Team in Aiken has shown me every aspect of both the competition and sales worlds.  Courtney and her team always encourage me by giving me additional learning experiences. They strongly believe in building people to be their best possible self.  I’m always learning something helpful, whether it is how to improve my riding, learn about the horse sales market, handle a horse more safely, or being more efficient with my schedule and time.

My favorite part of this entire experience has been having my horse with me every step of the way.  Courtney has pushed us to become a stronger team and her advice has allowed both Miles and me to bring a whole new level to our riding.  With Courtney’s instruction and schedule, my horse is stronger, smarter, and more willing than ever.  I have confidence that my new-found skills will help take me further, not only with my horse, but with my riding career. C Square Farm has given Miles and me the tools to move up to Novice safely.

If given the chance, I would recommend any hard working individual to become part of this supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable team. Being a working student has been an eye opening experience that has shown me what is and is not for me in the horse industry.