I was looking for a nice upper level event prospect to bring along. After having a hard time finding much on my own, in the US and Canada, I called Courtney at the urging of a few friends who had dealt with her.

She found a horse in Ireland which I bought sight unseen trusting Courtney and her contacts. Buying this way is definitely not for everyone but being a professional I above all wanted something I could bring along and sell if needed. Courtney coordinated everything from tons of videos/pictures on demand, vetting, shipping, testing for import etc.

It was a huge leap of faith hoping that I had made clear what was important for me in a prospect…I couldn’t be more thrilled. She is a phenomenal mover and jumper, has a super mind and is bred royally. She is everything I asked for. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Courtney in the future, she made a process that could be very stressful and complicated that much easier.

– Sarah Greenway, Levremont Farm LLC.

  It was a pleasure working with you. [We] looked for horses for my daughter at other places [and] didn’t first push your own. Splash has settled down and is a neat horse. We are looking forward to many great years ahead.

– Ingrid

  Fair, honest, and straight forward. Good web site for information; good facilities to ride horses; horses were well prepared. Raven is happy and adjusted to his new home. We have been hound walking, and he is great.

– Bob & Kerri

  It was a good experience – Courtney took us on a trail ride She rode the horse for my daughter – she let my daughter jump him, etc. I have recommended you to two people so far who are looking for specific kinds of horses. I know you will help them if you possibly can.

– Dana

  Thank you for the information about Last Hurrah, formerly called Max. I look forward to chasing foxes on him for sufficient years that my granddaughter, age 4, will be joining her parents and me in the hunt field. By that time Hurrah and I will qualify for a century class.

– Anson

  You were very helpful in making sure the horse was a good fit for my needs and ability level. You were honest regarding each horses strengths and weakness. Your professionalism and integrity were greatly appreciated.

– Debbie

  You sold Jim Jam to me in December and I wanted to let you know how he is doing…This last weekend we competed in our first event together at Mayfest HT in Lexington, KY, and we received 5th place overall at open novice.

He is so incredibly awesome on cross country. He knows his job and is very good at it. His dressage has come a long way and he is doing great! Throughout the jumping courses he seemed to be telling me that it was too easy for him! His personality is just wonderful and I don’t think that Sonja could have helped us to find a better horse! Thank you so much… I am in love with Irish horses and know what I want my next one to be!

– Jenn

  Courtney is very relaxed and easygoing, but also very professional. She returns messages promptly, and explains, clearly and patiently, what is happening throughout the entire process. I felt that I was in good hands with Courtney and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a horse.

– Scott

  Riley was *perfect* today – my sister Cappy hunted him and we had a super a.m. – ran one fox for over an hour, in the Grand National County so there was quite a bit to jump, lots of rolling, galloping grass land plus trappy woods – he hunted happily in the front, back & middle, trotting or cantered his fences (whatever she asked for), stood, waited and was much admired.

– Sheila

  Courtney, you did a wonderful job of helping me find the right match, the right temperament, the right horse. My partnership with Davey grows each day and I am so appreciative of his demeanor. He truly wants to please and do a good job. You were completely accurate in your assessment stating “he’s a real trier.”

Joining you in Florida to look at horses was time and money well-spent. I was impressed with your ability to stay non-biased while showing horses to me that were not your own. Your conduct was always professional; it was noted and appreciated.

I must also thank you for allowing me to ride your horses even when you knew I was not interested in purchasing them. Riding Lord Robert was the best thing that happened to me (besides buying Davey) while in Florida. That opportunity truly helped me regain my confidence for riding cross country and reminded me what I was looking for in an event horse. Thank you!!

Now that we have done business with selling and buying a horse, I can say I have no reservations recommending your services to anyone desiring to do the same.

I wish you continued success and I hope to see you at a horse trial soon!

– Lora

  Courtney was extremely courteous, honest, and allowed us to try horses out how we wanted. There was no pressure and she did not get offended when we disliked certain horses. In my two experiences, everything was done well to accommodate our tight schedules and our discriminating preferences with regard to what we were looking for.

I purchased two horses last year from Courtney and would highly recommend her for any equine sales or purchases. I will return in the future to purchase or sell horses.

– Christine

  Excellent. Very personal care — you went above and beyond taking us on a trail-ride!

– Emma

  You were professional, honest, and returned phone calls.

– Barbara

  I was so impressed with your expertise. The fact that we flew down there and were completely booked for two days looking at various horses of all levels and types was extremely impressive to me.

– Bonnie

  I have recommended you to several people and told them not to even bother looking for a horse in New England, when they should go through you. Courtney, hope to see you again soon and thanks for everything.

– Janice

  I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me in my decision and giving me mini lessons. Tobey is perfect, there is not a sweeter, more perfect horse anywhere! We are now competing at training level, and I recently came in 2nd place at my second training on him at the Middle Tennessee Horse Trials. Once again, thanks for the wonderful horse and the wonderful experience!

– Emma

  My experience was a good one; the horses were well presented and represented. No time was wasted; it was friendly and efficient.

– Shelly

  Thank you so much for everything you did to make the purchase of Cassie go smoothly. You are an excellent example of how a professional in your field should run and conduct business! Hopefully we will do business again; I’ve already recommended you to others.

– Sue

  All my experiences were very positive and helpful. The horse we purchased is exactly as he was represented; he and my student are really becoming a team.

– Celeste

  The entire transaction was handled efficiently and professionally. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I would absolutely recommend you!

– Toni

  My experiences at C Square Farm were positive, professional, and productive. Courtney was prepared and organized which made our trip very worthwhile. Courtney and her staff were very patient and accommodating with our questions and requests for additional information.

We toured at least 3 or 4 well-known farms in our horse search and dealt with the same number of horse agents. Courtney and her staff / horses performed far above the others in all aspects. I would absolutely recommend you! Courtney was a delight to work with!

– Mel

  I had a great experience working with Courtney. We made the trip up from California, and she made sure that our time was well spent by selecting a group of horses that met our exact criteria.

Courtney stayed positive and always fought for my interests. Even when we had to do repeat vet checks, she kept my best interests at heart and always gave her honest and professional opinion. I could not be happier with Enzo, He was well worth the wait! Thank you!

– Joy

  We were impressed by the professionalism, which was obvious in the well-kept barn and happy horses. You gave us lots of confidence by taking so much time with us. Nice website.

– Gretchen

  Our trainer, my daughter, and I visited C Square Farm three times while shopping for a horse for my daughter. Each time we visited, Courtney showed us four or five horses. What was most impressive was the amount of time she took with us–she obviously wanted to be sure that we thoroughly considered each horse, especially the ones we were interested in. In all three visits, we were with her a minimum of four hours. She or one of her staff rode each horse to show us at first, and then my daughter, daughter’s friend (who was also shopping), and in some cases our trainer would ride. We never felt rushed.

Also commendable was Courtney’s communication with our trainer before we arrived–it was clear that she narrowed down the selection to the horses that were appropriate for my daughter’s ability level and did not waste time by showing us horses that would not have suited us.

In the horse world, which as you know is often different from the business world, there are few people as reliably prepared and on time as Courtney. We were never kept waiting. Also, the paperwork was fast and convenient. We made offers on two horses, and Courtney had a contract ready in 5 minutes each time. Further kudos to her for accepting our decision, following a vet check which revealed a potential problem, to decline the first horse we offered to purchase. She was understanding and professional. After the first two visits to C Square, Courtney knew my daughter well enough to say to our trainer, as she led a horse out of the barn, “This is the horse you’ll be going home with.” Sure enough, he was–and he has worked out beautifully.

I said to our trainer that we should just plan on working with Courtney until we found the right horse, even though C Square is nearly a three hour drive from our home–Courtney just made the process so much easier than any other barn we’d visited. Since I work part-time, I really appreciated the efficiency of being able to visit and know we would have a good group of horses to see, all in one location.

I would recommend you wholeheartedly to everyone I know–buyers and sellers! If I ever win the lottery, I’ll be coming back to you for two or three more horses.

Courtney, we are so very fortunate to have connected with you. I’m going to buy all of my horses from you–a thousand thanks!

– Anne Marie

  Very positive experience; Courtney made looking at many horses a pleasure. This was the first time that we had used a service like yours to find a horse. You made it so easy and fun.

– Lucy

  Fair, honest, not pressured, accommodating, and professional. You welcomed Katie to your barn for 4 continuous days, even before purchase, to take lessons on Alden and to learn the basics of eventing. We would definitely recommend you.

– Anne

  I just wanted to send an email saying how happy I am with Keough and what we have been up to. We got Reserve Champion for Junior Equitation at the Bucks County Horse Park for year-end awards, and we got 4th in dressage and 6th overall at the Fall Bucks County Horse Park event at Novice. We have also been doing hunter paces and local jumper shows. I am having a GREAT time with him!

– Emily

  Very professional, courteous, and helpful. There was a great selection of horses and I loved that you offered and took Tara cross-country schooling – that was incredibly helpful. We were very happy with everything. Thanks for once again helping us find a great horse for Tara!

– Debbie

  I had an excellent experience with C Square Farm. Courtney was responsive and worked very hard to find the right horse for me – we tried many! She had a wonderful attitude, and high standards of service and responsiveness.

– Eileen

  I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Guyot. He is doing very well, being the good boy that he is and developing into an excellent dressage partner. He hacks nicely around the property and we have taken longer trail rides into the State Game Lands. We will start working on the jumping part soon! Thanks for helping me find him!

– Paula

  There was a very thorough showing of a variety of horses and Courtney was very good at matching horse and rider! Excellent customer service, very helpful with horses and hospitable, she even gave us great restaurant recommendations in the area. Thank you so much!

– Jamie

  First, I want to thank you for all the work you did to make this possible. You could have sent him back and looked for another horse for me and it would likely have been more beneficial to you. You were patient with me for over a year, calling when you thought you had a horse for me and not being impatient when I wasn’t ready or took my time in deciding. I would, will, and have recommended you and you may use my name and give out my phone number for a reference! My experience with you was extremely positive and, with all the people in the horse world who can’t be trusted, it’s nice to know there are some, like you, who can be trusted.

– Diana

  Chip is great – as Hal says, rideable but stretching his skills! As always, a pleasure to work with you.

– Maureen

  Very effective use of time for me and my trainer, plus you had found two that I would buy.

– Hal

  Notion is settling in very well. I rode him on Friday before the cold weather and he was great – we hacked out and toodled around. I can’t wait until I can trailer him to the indoor I use since the outdoor ring is frozen solid. I think he has grown up some. At the moment I’m planning on keeping him. I’m still very happy that I sent him to you because it really gave him a job and knowledge. It was very nice not having to ride a green horse, I think I can get used to this. Thanks so much and I will keep you in mind in the future.

– Dianna

  I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new pony…..I rode her for the first time on Wednesday and just LOVED her!!!!! I get up every morning and go to the barn and ride her from 6:40 to 7:30. I just wanted to say thanks so much for finding me the perfect pony! I love her.

– Drew

  I just thought I’d shoot you an email after having a very successful rally and week of Pony Club camp where Harry was nothing but a star! We qualified for USPC Champs in SJ at VHC, and plan to attend.

– Addie

  Even though things moved very quickly and certainly could have gotten chaotic as a result, the whole sale proceeded smoothly. Keep up the good work! An honest horseman is rare, unfortunately. You are one of the rare few.

– Daretta

  Just once again want to thank you for Ariel, they cruised around Preliminary at Fair Hill yesterday like they were going Beginner Novice. What a terrific horse; we love her.

– Sherrie

  I took Harry to a jumper show this past weekend where he really showed his stuff, placing in the top 4 in each round out of 20 horses! He always made the time and jumped clear even when I was giving him little support. He is really the best horse ever! I call him my Prince, because he always takes care of me when I’m tired, sick, or just not on. Thank you again for selling me such a great horse!

– Addie

  Just wanted to drop you a line about how much fun I am having with Spanky (aka Peyote). He has just blossomed this season. He loves the hounds, I can crack a whip off his back with no reaction. I feel like I can jump the moon with him, he is so agreeable. We ended the season up your way with the Cheshire, and he kept up just fine.

– Kerri

  On my first trip up north to Virginia and Maryland, at least three people suggested that I try contacting you in my search. Everyone was very professional and helpful. The atmosphere was laid back, and I never felt like I was being pushed. The horses were shown well and the facilities were ample to try out a horse.

– Marcia

  We expect to be return clients as we move along. We could not love Lucky more; he is exactly as described and truly wonderful !!

– Carroll

  Robbie is doing great. He is really a sweet boy and I couldn’t be happier.

– Christy

  Thank you for helping me purchase a horse of BMW’s quality and training – he has brought joy and trust into my barn, feelings I have not had since my most beloved horse Bixley died in 2007.

– Wendy

  Website was very good and helpful. Helped to make hotel reservations and travel plans. I would recommend you. Thanks for having many horses to ride for comparison.

– Laura

  Thanks so much for your help in getting this horse. You are definitely on my referrals list now. I love the way you handle things and it’s easy to see why you are successful.

We rode Chase at home yesterday and I thought he went even better than he did for Zoe when we were there. We are so excited about him!

– Tawn

  Thank you for the expertise and guidance in the purchase of Ringwood Murphy for our daughter, Madi.

After many failed attempts to find a horse, including numerous plane trips and vet checks, we came to you in South Carolina with reservations. Our trainer, Robyn Fisher Nash, was sure you would have choices for us to make. We were so pleasantly surprise to have the opportunity to have so many horses that were candidates for our daughter.

It was refreshing to have horses that were physically sound, well-trained and such a wide range of prices. Additionally, the owners or trainers were available for us to meet and talk to.

It has been a month that we have had Ringwood Murphy at our barn, he has adjusted easily, he is everything we wanted for our daughter and she is excited to finally have her perfect horse.

Thank you for your patience and the pleasant experience in the purchase of our first horse.

– Andi & Scott

  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what we think about our experience working with you on our search for horses for our new Little Pond Farm.

I found you quite by accident when looking on line for horses. I saw a nice horse and called you. You were easy to talk to right off the bat. You made me comfortable even though I didn’t have a clear idea of what kind of horses would be right for my husband and me. You invited me down and I thought what could I lose??? The whole experience was educational, efficient and fun. Not only have we found horses we love, but we have made a terrific friend who has opened a whole new world of eventing for us. What fun Aiken was! You worked hard to make our experience one that taught us a lot, gave us more confidence and one that we just had fun with.

Now we have two great, new horses thanks to you and we are so excited. We have already recommended you to several other horse people. Horse dealers in general don’t have a terrific reputation, but you aren’t a horse dealer – you are more like an advocate for the sport who takes pride in and enjoys finding the perfect match of horse and rider. You did that for us and we are grateful. Thank you!

– Tina & Paul

  This was one stop horse shopping at its best. We would recommend that everyone should start their horse shopping at C Square Farm.

– The Lowmans

  I also just wanted to thank you for everything. You have been wonderful, and I really appreciate all your hard work that went into making this purchase work. Would never have been able to find him without you!!

You really make the process of horse shopping so much easier, and I will definitely keep coming back whenever I need a new one (hopefully not for a while…haha). Thanks again so much.

– Carrie

  I had a wonderful experience with C Square Farm. Courtney was very supportive and responsive to questions I had about the horses. She was willing to help me in every way to make sure I found the right horse. Her support staff were very friendly and helpful as well. A great team.

All my questions were answered. Opportunities were presented to try the horse in all aspects of intended use. Multiple mounts were offered for trial. A willingness to speak and meet with existing trainers and respond to boarding questions. Actually a willingness to respond to questions in all areas and volunteering information on subjects that were not asked.

Beautiful location. Professionally run facility. Great people!

– Elaine

  I think you are really good at seeing horses for what they are and what they can do. This is what I observed from my experience with you. You knew who he was and what I wanted and then made the match. You are matter of fact and I really appreciate that as well about you. I would totally recommend you to anyone looking to buy a horse. In fact I would almost insist that someone talk to you before they begin to try [horses.]

– Alex

  This journey has been exciting, scary, hopeful, expensive, and fun. You were such an integral part of this experience being enjoyable. I never worried about Harlee in your care and can never express our gratitude. Please stay in touch, we love you as part of our extended horse family.

– Genna & Georgia

  Courtney was very knowledgeable and a good communicator. Trying the horse was easy and comfortable. Your operation was friendly and professional.

– Bill

  I’m really glad that you strongly encouraged me to come out to see Jerry. I was initially reluctant because it was a Friday afternoon and I’d have a three hour drive in traffic after working a full day. After thinking for a bit I figured what did I have to lose? I’m so glad I made the trip and stayed in the area for a second ride the next day. Jerry is an incredible horse. He is super smart, sane and a blast to ride. He garners compliments from spectators and judges alike wherever we go. Not only that, but in less than six weeks he has qualified for AEC at Novice (open) in very competitive company! Everyone at the barn says he is a really good match for me. I’m very happy with the purchase.

– Janelle

  Courtney, working with you was a good experience. I think I told you that I really appreciate your prompt responses to all my emails/texts/calls. I was astonished during this most recent horse search how few people even return messages. I also feel as though you are very well connected. You know tons of people and seem to have a very good track record of matching buyers and sellers.

– Nancy

  4 horses were shown to me at C Square over the course of about 2 months. I had the opportunity to watch them ridden as well as ride them myself in my own saddle.

I was made to feel comfortable by Courtney and her staff in the potentially awkward position of making an informed choice about my first horse. I felt Courtney and others at the farm were honest answering my questions and provided me with the information I needed to feel confident in my choice.

I would highly recommend you!

– David

  I just wanted to take the time to write you to thank you for helping me find Bella last year. We made the long trek to compete at AEC’s this past weekend at Novice and she was a super star! We finished on our dressage score (in 17th) and I couldn’t be happier with her. We are moving up to training at our next show and I look forward to our partnership continuing to grow. Thanks for helping me find my perfect match!

– Sarah

  I know you probably see regular updates online, but I wanted to send a Thank You for matching me up with Clementine. She is absolutely perfect for me! You knew exactly what I was looking for, and I really appreciate how you went out of your way to make sure I could get up there to see her before you left for Aiken. I don’t think there could be a more perfect match for me, and I love her more each day I have her! Thank you so much!

– Holly

  Courtney, I wanted to thank you again for everything you did during my latest horse shopping experience. Your recommendation of Tim Frommer and Brookledge was wonderful- I couldn’t be happier with them. Demon ended up coming in a box stall, he was relaxed and content when he arrived, and they were spot on with their departure/arrival times. Thank you for helping to arrange the PPE- I was also very happy with Dr. Thompson- she was super nice, patient, and easy to work with. Thank you for trailering Demon to Sandy Hills for me to try him XC… Of course, you are always a consummate professional, and you make the horse-shopping a much less painless experience (in fact, it can actually be fun!). I really appreciate all that you do to make the process go so smoothly…

Meighan and I had a great time with you- thank you for your hospitality by including us at Paradise Farms HT and at your barn. And thank you very much for the opportunity to hack your awesome horse, Vendi! Meighan also loved Grace- she said that was a mare definitely worth having (she is not a mare person)! We really had fun.

I wish you the best of luck this year with Tag, Hope, Vendi, and the rest of event team (including all of your spectacular homebreds!)! I’ll be following along on EN and your website for the latest…. And I’ll keep you informed on how Demon and Kilo and Lee and I are doing.

Thanks again for everything,

– Tara

  I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your help selling Sophie; you did a great job.

– Kathryn

  In 2002 Courtney helped me purchase my horse. He was an excellent horse for me, but when I transferred colleges, I knew I had to sell him. I was happy knowing I had Courtney to send him to as a sales horse. I was impressed at how understanding she was of my situation at the time. She found him his new owners in no time flat, and it turned out to be a very profitable sale for my family. My parents were thrilled to have horse money coming in instead of going out for once!!

That aside, the true reason I would repeatedly sell my sales horses through Courtney is that it lessened so much of the stress on my end. She has so many great contacts and such an eye for matching horse and rider — and as a person that gets attached to my horses — knowing that my horse will be matched up with a great new home helps quell the sadness of the sale process. All in all — quick and painless!

– Chloe

  I sent my horse to be sold without ever even meeting Courtney and she handled everything with the most honesty and integrity I can imagine. My phone calls were promptly returned, my horse looked happy and healthy, and she found a new home within the predicted time frame.

– Sara

  I sent my horse to Courtney after visiting her farm to look at horses she had for sale. I was impressed with Courtney’s honesty and the condition of the horses on her farm, and immediately made arrangements to send my horse to her to sell.

She communicated with me regularly and always returned my calls promptly. I visited her farm while my horse was in her care and saw firsthand that he was well-cared for and happy. He was shown to prospective buyers regularly and sold within the timeframe that Courtney had estimated.

As a busy working professional, it was a relief to let Courtney handle the sales process. I had a great experience working with her, and would, without hesitation, contact her the next time I have a horse to sell, or I am looking to buy.

– Nicole

  Courtney, I want to thank you for doing such a fantastic job of selling my daughter’s horse. Of course, we bought this horse through you too and were very pleased to own him for 3 years. You were so good at telling people what he has done and what he excels at doing. You were honest and in the end it worked out because you found him a home where he will be loved and appreciated.

I could not be happier with your wonderful caring service. I really appreciate the amount of time that you communicated with me to let me know what was happening. Also, thanks for the extra work you may have had to do by taking him with you to events and training. I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone who needs to buy or sell a horse.

– Dana

  You make a difficult job (selling my best friend) as painless as possible. You are very professional and personable, a good combination not often seen. I would absolutely recommend you!

– Demelza

   I would like to thank you both for all you did in finding Sherlock a wonderful new home. I knew the minute Sherlock walked off the trailer at C Square Farm that he was in good hands. As you know, it was a big decision as well as an emotional time for my daughter and me to find Sherlock a new home. You both handled yourself with professionalize and kindness. If in the future we decide to purchase a horse my first call will be to both of you. I will also recommend you to anyone that is looking to buy or sell a horse. You are the best! It was a pleasure meeting both of you and I wish you both continued success.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

– Deb

  Knowledgeable, caring, great communication. Immediate return phone calls [for] questions, concerns, and follow-ups. Fast turn over; treated the horse as if he was your own. Great services, made a scary situation quite pleasant. Thanks for everything; would love to do business with you again.

– Renee

  I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in finding Dante a new home. Your dedicated training program and total professionalism are things that are not often seen in this business. I never had a doubt that you would find him a suitable home where he would become the competitive horse I knew he could be. I will certainly be calling you again when I have any other equine friends that need to find a new family!

– Ellen

  From the first phone call I could not have been happier. Everything was up front and open. I never felt like my horse was not as important to you as she was to me. I felt at ease with the whole process. You took control and handled everything. I don’t think that anything could be better. It was such an easy and professional experience.

– Carol

  You were very professional and called with weekly updates. We had a very positive experience and would absolutely recommend you.

– Heather

  From the first phone call I could not have been happier. Everything was up front and open. I never felt like my horse was not as important to you as she was to me. I felt at ease with the whole process. You took control and handled everything. I don’t think that anything could be better. It was such an easy and professional experience.

– Hyde

  Needless to say, we are very pleased that you found a new home for Lucy….We were very pleased with the way we were treated from the beginning to the end. You were able to find her a home faster than the 90 days you had warned me about. It took only 6 weeks! I was very impressed by your prompt return of phone calls, emails, and your ability to keep me informed about Lucy’s progress.

– Nina

  Courtney, we just wanted to let you know how pleased we were in the selling of Kodi! In a day where it is very hard to get people to communicate with you, you were wonderful about it! From the moment we started talking with you, it was clear that we had made a good decision. You let us know exactly what to expect, never acted like you were too busy to discuss things with us and were as concerned about finding him a good home as we were! You made selling a terrific horse a very pleasant experience and did it in such a short amount of time! Thanks so much for your great customer service!

What a wonderful experience. To say you “exceeded expectations” is an understatement – WOW !!

Thank you, thank you and know we will certainly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a horse.

– The Lawrence Family

  We were very pleased at how smoothly & thoughtfully done the whole process was. You found buyers quickly! You were very well organized & had excellent communications. The caring for clients and the horses was most evident.

– Jill

  I found Courtney not only professional but also very kind and understanding. She understands and is sympathetic to the emotional and financial difficulties of selling your horse. Courtney’s forthrightness and honesty is a welcome and unique trait in the horse sales industry – she is a breath of fresh air.

She is also a consummate horsewoman with impeccable attention to detail. I never worried about my horse’s care while he was at her barn. She makes you feel welcome when you visit and is great at staying in touch. Not only that but Courtney had my horse jumping better than I ever had seen in the first ride. Everyone told me how complicated he was, but she turned him into a packer. She is an incredibly talented rider.

She is magic at selling horses. I had my horse on the market for for 16 months, and she sold him in less than 30 days for an even higher price than I had hoped for! She has an incredible knack for matching up horse and rider and so, most importantly, I have no doubt that my horse will be very happy in his new home!

I wish I had sent my horse to Courtney 16 months ago when I first put him on the market. It is such a painless and reassuring experience! In fact, I may be sending yet another horse to Courtney.

– Charlotte

  You did an awesome job communicating with me through the whole process. I felt in the loop without being inundated with calls and information. I found you through my friend who bought a horse from you several years ago and told me what a great experience it was. I had never heard anything but good things about your business.

– Trish

  I was impressed with the communication. Excellent about letting me know what was happening. You had far ranging contacts all over the country that enabled you to sell my horse quickly.

– Leslie

  I am extremely pleased with the job and professionalism. [You] sold my horse in 2 weeks!! I couldn’t be more pleased.

– Carolyn

  I have bought and sold horses with Courtney, and her professionalism and extensive expertise is really unmatched. My horse was well trained and well matched under difficult circumstances that required additional care and attention to detail. Courtney is not only through and professional; she is also consistently optimistic which does a lot to help the anxiety of both buying and selling horses.

– Andrea

  Courtney is caring of clients’ horses and their well-being while in her care. Having sold only two other horses, one on our own and one with another farm, Courtney’s best and most helpful thing was constant updates and communication.

– Peg

  I was very impressed with your professionalism and how you kept me informed every step of the selling process. You also had no hidden fees and were upfront with all charges from the get go.

– Annemarie

  This entire process was much easier than I had anticipated. I’m very impressed and am encouraging the lady who owns the stable where I boarded Ory to use you… Worth every penny of your commission.

– Jean

  We just wanted to send you a great big THANK YOU for helping us sell Jackson. You found him a wonderful new home and a great new companion in less than seven weeks. We have already exchanged emails and pictures and everybody is happy!! You are a rare find in today’s horse sales world and we are so glad we found you. We would recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a horse.

– Jenny & Molly

  First impressions are very important. When I pulled into C Square Farm, I was pleased to see how well the facility was maintained and how comfortable it was for the horses. My husband and I are very particular with the care of our horses. Seeing that the barn and grounds were well-groomed, neat, clean and organized, as well as seeing that the horses present were in excellent condition, allowed me to feel comfortable about leaving my horse with Courtney.

As I said on the phone, “Courtney Cooper is a superstar!” Selling my pony within 10 days is pretty darn phenomenal! But more than that, was the fact that the home Courtney found for my pony was obviously a home where the pony will be well cared for and loved. This was a special animal that deserved an exceptional home and Courtney ensured that this was indeed the case.

I truly appreciated the fact that Courtney made it a point to keep me informed throughout the entire process. If I had a question, Courtney made certain to get me an answer within an immediate time frame. As a businesswoman, Courtney is thorough and detail oriented. I felt confident that she would work as hard as she could to market my pony to the right potential buyers.

– Kristin

  RachelBurkUpon finishing my degree at University of Illinois this past fall, I decided to pursue a career as a professional event rider. When I received the opportunity to work for Courtney, I immediately took the position, as Courtney’s successful business, breeding program and upper level eventing career would provide me with a wealth of knowledge.

Upon arriving at C Square Farm, I was met by a group of hardworking and supportive individuals who not only aided me in trying to meet my goals, but also allowed me to become apart of theirs. In the short time I’ve been here, my young horse has developed into an exciting prospect for the future under Courtney’s watchful eye, as he aims for his debut at training level.

I highly recommend anyone given the opportunity to work with C Square Farm to seize it!

– Rachel Burke

  MelissaMarionComing from a small town in New Brunswick, gaining eventing experience has been challenging. As soon as I was given this amazing opportunity to work for C Square Farm, I jumped in with two feet forward, ready to have the experience of a lifetime and learn more than I could ever imagine. With supportive friends and family, I embarked on the journey, not knowing the amount of knowledge I would gain.

The level of expertise Courtney and Sidney have is unbelievable. Any question you have, they have an answer. You not only gain an immense amount of knowledge caring for the horses, you also get coached by a very talented upper-level event rider. Every minute of every lesson I am constantly learning new skills and feel that I am improving as a rider. I came down to Aiken, SC as a beginner novice rider without a lot of confidence. Throughout the months I have been here both Courtney and Sidney have taught me so many skills to help me gain confidence. When I return to New Brunswick. this will allow me to advance with my 12 year old Thoroughbred, Dixie.

Courtney and her team at C Square Farm welcome you with open arms and treat you as one of their own. I would highly recommend anyone seeking an amazing opportunity to reach out to Courtney and her team. Make a great investment in your life and just do it!

– Melissa Marion

  MacCaylaGardnerBeing a working student has been the best way to completely immerse myself in the horse industry. Several of my mentors knew Courtney and encouraged me to look into this opportunity to provide guidance in choosing my career path before starting college. This experience has done that and more!

Working with the C Square Team in Aiken has shown me every aspect of both the competition and sales worlds. Courtney and her team always encourage me by giving me additional learning experiences. They strongly believe in building people to be their best possible self. I’m always learning something helpful, whether it is how to improve my riding, learn about the horse sales market, handle a horse more safely, or be more efficient with my schedule and time.

My favorite part of this entire experience has been having my horse with me every step of the way. Courtney has pushed us to become a stronger team and her advice has allowed both Miles and me to bring a whole new level to our riding. With Courtney’s instruction and schedule, my horse is stronger, smarter, and more willing than ever. I have confidence that my new-found skills will help take me further, not only with my horse, but with my riding career. C Square Farm has given Miles and me the tools to move up to Novice safely.

If given the chance, I would recommend any hard working individual to become part of this supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable team. Being a working student has been an eye opening experience that has shown me what is and is not for me in the horse industry.

– Macayla Gardner

  Working student positions are an opportunity for the next generation of riders to engulf themselves in a sport. Working for Courtney did this for me and so much more. I had the pleasure of working with the C Square team for about 9 months and in that time my education in the saddle and out of the saddle grew at a rate I was not expecting.

When I came to work for Courtney my horse was recovering from an injury and because of this I was given the opportunity to ride sale horses as well as C Square home bred horses. From my understanding, many other working student positions don’t give riders the opportunity to ride so much. Watching Courtney compete at the upper levels with her homebreds while knowing I had a part in helping she and her horses compete at that high of a level was character building and inspirational.

Courtney gave me the one-on-one attention I needed to become a better rider even when her day was packed with clients from morning to night. She believed in myself as well as my horse and gave us the keys to move from novice to preliminary safely.

Working students do well when they have with the mind set of wanting to get the most out of their experience and knowing that it will be hard work. The days are long but are truly worth it. In nine months I improved my riding and was able to see the side of sales and breeding that I was curious about.

C Square allowed me to find what I wanted to do in the horse industry and what might not be for me. If you are serious about furthering your knowledge and want to be around a team that will push you and support you to do that then I highly recommend this farm!

– Tatum Stam

  I think that it is important that you know how much I appreciate all of your help and expertise and most of all patience in helping me to achieve my goal of beginning my eventing career as a forty-something amateur. Since the summer of 2001 when I began taking lessons, my riding ability and confidence level have improved greatly due to your knowledge and effectiveness as an instructor and trainer.

Some steps in the process of becoming a more effective rider were the lessons I had while riding some of your young event prospects. I was so impressed with the overall quality of these Irish horses with their willing attitudes, athleticism and gentle natures that I realized I needed one of my own! I can’t tell you how happy I am with “The Color of Kells” (a.k.a. “Paul the Pinto” and “The Gold Standard of Pintos”). That fact that you have worked with him a great deal and competed him at the Preliminary level gives me even more confidence when I can see what his capabilities are as I build my partnership with him. Paul is a challenging instructor in his own right!

I really want to thank you for all of your support and friendship and I look forward to continuing my work with you and Paul as we set higher goals for the future.

– Patty Moshanko

  Kathy’s confidence is much higher every time she’s with you and your eventing team. Her skills don’t just improve, they get better in big leaps. We don’t understand how you do it, but you mix just the right amount of your high level of experience with expert understanding and knowledge about being a true horseperson. Then you add a willingness to get to know your students in that special way that builds personal bonds. You’re like family to us — and Kathy feels like she’s part of your family too…

You’ve helped Kathy and Snowy bond into a super eventing team, working at their best, performing with excellence at competitions, and most of all, finishing the day safely with a loud Yahoo! and a smile! How much is that worth!!

Susan Bell, mother of Kathy Bell, winner of USEA Top Junior Novice Rider 2005 aboard Snowy and Toy Master

– Susan Bell

  Spending a summer as a working student at C Square Farm was the best choice for my equestrian education. The long hours spent in and out of the saddle exposed me to a high level of care and competition that until that point, I had not experienced. I would recommend the working student program to anyone who wants to work really hard and learn a lot.”

– Tey

  I’ve been horse crazy since the age of seven, but like most New York City dwellers owning a horse has always been out of the question. I’ve taken lessons quite regularly throughout my life, gone on the occasional hunt or hunter pace, done the horse camp thing…becoming a working student was the next logical step, and it turns out that C Square Farm was the best place I could have ended up.

Courtney and Neal are sensitive to each student’s needs—my love of painting was put to use painting jumps, and when I needed a break Neal drove me to the train station so I could go to Philadelphia. Riding two and three and four times a day, lessons with Courtney, cross country schooling, watching Courtney ride, soaking up Eventing knowledge from Neal, riding in my first Horse Trials—I could FEEL my skills improving.

As a groom at Stuart Horse Trials (awesome!) I felt I was part of the determined, supportive, sun-burned, sometimes extremely frantic C-Square team—it was an excellent introduction to the world of eventing. Courtney’s enthusiasm for her sport and love for her horses was the best example of good horsemanship possible. I had a marvelous time.

– Kiri