Support Competition Event Horses

Support Our Competition Horses 

We have several options in supporting our Competition Horses:

One existing group option is the Dare To Dream Team, which allows people to get involved with a talented young horse at minimal entry costs by purchasing a share of a horse for a one time cost of $2,000 and an ongoing annual membership fee of $1800.   The Dare to Dream Team currently owns Tender Bravissimo and there are opportunities for additional owners at this time.

We are also offering the Caia Z Syndicate and we can tailor design an ownership package specifically for you.   In additions, there are other customized options for individual or group ownership with our horses listed below.

This is a very exciting way to get involved at the upper levels of the sport and to gain backstage access into participating with a competing event horse.  For more information please peruse the following competition horses:


We also consider involvement with outside privately owned horses or owners to be purchased with specific competition goals in mind.
  For example, this form of a partnership agreement can be arranged with Courtney as she often coordinates shopping trips in the states and abroad for private owners.

For additional information on any of the above horses or to discuss other interest in purchasing an investment horse, please call 610-952-5347 or email Courtney directly!