Horse Consignment Services

Horse consignment

Over the past 13 years, horses on consignment at C Square Farm, have been placed within 60 days, on average.

  • In 2016 we sold 50 horses, averaging a 48-day stay with us.
  • In 2017, we sold 58 horses, at an average of 46 days.
  • In 2018 we sold 57 horses averaging 46-days with us.

Just last year, we sold 51 horses at our highest average price ever.

Our standard arrangement is as follows:

  • The horse is put into our training program at competitive daily rates.
  • The horse is treated as one of our own, in terms of grooming, care, and training.
  • They are customarily ridden 5 times a week but are treated as individuals, sometimes needing to be ridden more or less depending on their needs.
  • They are turned out individually or in pairs, also depending on their needs.
  • In terms of feed, we supply Purina grain products, and the horses receive as much grass hay, usually timothy, as they will eat.

When the horse is sold, we receive a commission, based upon the sales price of the horse.

When the horse is with us, the owner remains responsible for any out of pocket expenses such as veterinarian care, shoeing, shipping and show costs, body clipping, etc. We advertise through our network of professionals, including Courtney’s connections in the jumper and dressage worlds, as well as here on our website. Sometimes we may need alternative sources for advertising, and the owner would remain responsible for those costs.

C Square Farm will work as a Seller’s Agent for all of our consignment horses. We will correspond with prospective buyers, schedule times for buyers to see the horse, make videos, and communicate information both to the potential buyer and the owners of the horse.

Courtney contacts the owners directly at least once a week, to discuss their horse’s training program and marketing, as well as their general health and well being. Call today to see if consignment is for you.