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Seller’s Agent For Horses

What is a Seller’s Agent?

A seller’s agent is an equine professional who works on your behalf to facilitate best practices for the sale of your horse(s). Acting as your seller’s agent, C Square Farm will efficiently handle all aspects of marketing and showing your horse to potential buyers.

An experienced seller’s agent handles all of the following on your behalf:

  • Placement of ads and social media
  • Correspond(s)with prospective buyers
  • Schedules times for buyers to see your horse
  • Makes videos, as appropriate
  • Communicates information to both the potential buyers and the owners of a horse


Once a pre-purchase is scheduled and a price negotiated, a seller’s agent will work on getting all veterinarian records to the pre-purchase veterinarian. We will be present at the exam to represent the owner’s interests.

After a sale is concluded, we will draft a bill of sale, disclosing all commissions as well as having the buyer and seller’s signatures. We will also provide a sales portfolio from our sponsors on products our services you might be able to utilize We offer sales services to clients who are selling a horse, but who may not have the time, or experience, to efficiently facilitate the process. We help with what can become a complicated, time consuming, and often emotional process for a seller.

At C Square Farm, we possess a specific skill set to facilitate the sale of a horse, such as knowledge of how to appropriately craft an advertisement to attract the ideal buyer. We will help to coordinate the pre-purchase exam with a buyer or buyer’s agent, prepare appropriate paperwork for transfer of ownership, and help with scheduling the transportation after a sale with all parties.

A professional with many years of experience and expertise is an excellent asset in your sales journey. We will make sure that the process is handled correctly, and efficiently so that you find the best home possible for your horse without adding additional anxiety to an already stressful process.

Buyer’s Agent for Horses

Having trouble finding the right horse?

Taking too much time to sort out videos and making unproductive, costly trips?

Let us help you.

We have extensive contacts with both professionals and individuals with horses to sell, we can arrange to have many horses for you to try, often in one location.

Once we receive your criteria, we will source out several, usually 6 -12, horses that meet your needs, provide a central viewing site, and then help you evaluate your choices.

After you select your horse we can negotiate a price with the owner, arrange for veterinarian services to assess your choice and then work with you to get your new horse home and transfer ownership papers.

What we Look for in a Horse:

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