Neal Camens

Vegas & Neal Plantation - Amy Dragoo PhotoCourtney’s husband, Neal Camens, has been her business partner in C Square Farm since its inception. Working fulltime as a professional civil engineer, Neal’s duties at the farm usually include assisting with early morning, evening and weekend horse care. He is also responsible for a large portion of the farm’s business office and managing the website.

Additionally, Neal currently rides and competes with their Thoroughbred gelding, Vegas Run. He began competing in 1997 with longtime C Square Farm horse Hanna.  Neal and Hanna did many events at Novice and Training as well as a few at the Preliminary Level in their 12 years competing together.

Neal has a passion for the C Square breeding program, spending time with the foals and young horses.  He’s a hero, staying home in Pennsylvania during the winter to oversee the care of our broodmares, young stock and horses that don’t travel to Aiken.

Even when not competing, Neal can also be seen at many of our events, lending a helpful hand as well as cheering on Courtney, Sid, and the rest of the Event Team.

He is not only Courtney’s husband but an integral part of C Square Farm!

Email Neal or Call 610-574-0971