Dare to Dream Team

Dare to Dream LogoHave you ever dreamed of representing your country at the highest levels of competition? Have you ever envisioned yourself experiencing all of the excitement of the Olympics, meeting your fellow competitors, the buzz of the press area, standing on the medal podium? As we get older, our priorities change, families and careers take precedent and, sometimes, our dreams get put on the back burner. But they’re still there, waiting to be remembered and re-realized. Through our Dare to Dream Team, we are offering a unique chance for you to get back in touch with your dreams and to partner with a rider who refuses to give up on hers.

Courtney’s start was untraditional. She began eventing because of her love of the sport; she rode and competed while also graduating from Rice University and building a successful business in the insurance industry, where she received top honors. But she realized her passion for the sport and her desire to compete at the highest levels could not be ignored. Courtney chose to sell her insurance business and focus all of her attention to riding, competing, breeding, and being successful in the horse industry. Owning your own business is always a challenge, but she has forged ahead, with the help of some key individuals, and her business has thrived! Now that she has established herself, she has turned her sights to representing her country on international teams, and she wants to take you with her.

Tender Bravissimo Plantation XC Corner - Amy DragooJoining the Dare to Dream Team is a way to be a part of the excitement of eventing and to experience your own dreams while helping Courtney reach hers. Come with us on the journey to the top levels of international competition, and be a part of the trip from the very beginning as Courtney works to develop a strong string of horses to take her there. Each horse’s campaign promises to be filled with exhilaration, inspiration, and excitement, and our supporters will have a front row seat. In addition to recognition as a supporter of both Courtney and her horses, we have members-only benefits available to our Dare to Dream Team – which could include being present for the birth of one of our foals, joining us on a horse shopping trip overseas, having a front row seat to the country’s most exciting competitions, and much more!

Contact us today to build your Dare to Dream Team package and live the dream alongside Courtney!

Meet the Dare to Dream Team Horses: