Virtual Lessons Now Being Offered

Take a moment to see Courtney Cooper in Aiken, SC, on a little break from working on a Virtual Lesson with a client in Ohio. Yes, you read that correctly. A Virtual Lesson!!!

C Square Farm is now offering Virtual Lessons, not only to our clients but to the general public, as well. We’re providing this service to stay connected with everyone during these unprecedented times.

Most people are used to having a lot of barn time and are connected with their barn families. This pandemic has certainly cut into that time.

If you have a training problem or if you would like help on the flat or even if you’d like course design and to set up and jump, please feel free to contact us.

Pay-As-You-Can Program

We’re offering this service as a pay-as-you-can program. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected different people in a multitude of ways, financially. We also know that some people might be struggling right now. So, please, feel free to reach out by phone (610) 952-5347, via email at or on our Facebook page. Let’s talk and see how we can get you back in the saddle again!