Alumni News, September 2010

Kudos to …

Tory Bennett and Dunlavin No Pajamas (“Streaker,” pictured below) on a successful season. Tory recently wrote to us, saying: We completed Stoneleigh Burnham, Stuart, and Huntington Horse Trials all at Novice this year, and moved up to Training this past weekend at Hungtington and WON! The TD/Organizer came up to me during the awards presentation to tell me what a nice horse he was and couldn’t believe it was our first Training. We also did a cross-country clinic with Jerry Schurink who asked me if I had any idea the talent I was sitting on top of and kept asking me where he came from. Everyone loves him and I can’t say enough good things about this horse–absolute machine on cross-country. At Training this weekend, he didn’t even blink an eye at the bigger jumps. All I had to do was hold on and he just ate it up. Thank you again for connecting me with such a wonderful horse!

Linnet Tell and Lucy in the Sky on their win in the Preliminary division at Waredaca.

Working student Emily Urban for getting her ‘B’ Pony Club rating.

Dave Vos and Tangle Top on their win in the Training/Preliminary division at Waredaca.

Allie Keresman and Mystic Dora on their win in the Sr. Training Rider division at Waredaca.

Danny Warrington and Guiness for finishing 5th at Millbrook in the Novice division.

Nicholas Hansen and Grand Cru for finishing 3rd at Millbrook in the Jr. Training division.

Caroline Pingree and Crystal Clear for finishing 4th at the GMHA Training 3-Day.

Congratulations to …

Kelley Beaver of Pennsylvania on the purchase of Sempre Fino with the help of trainer Danny Warrington.

Julie Bell of New Jersey on the purchase of Masquerade Party for her daughter, Michelle, to event with under the guidance of trainer Lauren McCaffery.

Janelle Wilson of Pennsylvania on the purchase of Scoppiano to enjoy the countryside.