Alumni News, September 2013

Eric Moore, Limerick, Courtney, Dr. Steve Berkowitz & Dr. Ricardo LoinazCongrats to …

The Wagner Family on the purchase of Model American for their daughter Aubrey to compete.

Eric Moore on the purchase of Ringwood Limerick to pursue eventing with.

Michele Kalinosky on the purchase of Aristotle.

Anna Karnes on the purchase of New Market Venture Flight.

And a very special congratulations to long-time student Kim Russell who married Greg Jordan at the Radnor Hunt Club in August!

Kudos to …

Gretchen Creesy and Tiger Lily who finished 2nd at the Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Horse Trials.

Liza Frazier and Providence’s Maxwell were placed 3rd at the Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Horse Trials.

Kaitlyn Mitchell and Man of Power who finished 3rd at their first event together.

Sarah Lipetz and Bella, who also competed at their first show together and scored a 72.9% on their Training Level dressage test.

Madi Holtzman and Ollie who finished 5th in an Open Training division at the Copper Meadows HTs.

Rodger Nye and True Grit on their win of the Newton Amateur Novice division at the Aspen Farms HTs.

Molly Gibbons and Columbus who were 5th in the Junior Open Training division at the Caber Farms HTS and 7th in the Area VII Training Championships at the Aspen Farms HTs.

Katherine Christopher and Let’s Lindy who won their Novice Rider division at Five Points HTs.

Erin Renfroe and Grey Street who finished 4th in an Open Novice division at the King Oak Farm Fall HTs.

Dale Eddy and Gunpowder Valley who were 5th in an Open Preliminary divison at King Oak Farm Fall HTs.

Tanya Bevaliqua and Honorable Judge who finished 3rd in their Training Rider division at the Bucks County HTs.

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