Audrey Henson


Audrey Henson

3 Day Eventing is a world of it’s own, full of triumph and defeat.  There are days that you feel strong and unstoppable, and days where you just want to throw in the towel. It’s a rigorous sport that may have you cursing at the wind, takes a piece of your heart forever.

Throughout my years of competing, I’ve found it imperative to my success to be surrounded by a good team.  A team that takes the wins and losses in stride, praises you while on top of the world and picks you up from being trampled (both metaphorically and physically).

Being a part of C Square Farm was a whole new experience for me. Courtney Cooper takes riding, selling and caring for her horses to an unspeakable level of love and compassion. While her horses receive the utmost care and respect, I too felt as though when I joined her team, I joined her family.  I will always look back fondly on her husband Neal chasing me around on cross country with a camera so I could later watch my ride. Sidney, Courtney’s head groom, always helped at the last minute to pull me together for a show, when I was a nervous wreck and had forgotten half of my tack at home.

My riding ability also skyrocketed. I had the incredible opportunity to ride a diverse (and sometimes sassy) group of horses daily. Every day offered new riding experiences; I would go from riding a green resale project to doing pirouettes on Courtney’s unbelievably talented upper level horses.

I truly cherished my time among the happy group of horses, and I am forever indebted to Courtney for her helping me place my own horse in the most loving home we could find. It’s never easy parting with your best friend, but it makes it easier when you have a family like C Square Farm waiting to hug you on your bad days and congratulate you on your good ones.

I’m so lucky to have these people as friends forever.  Anyone who gets the opportunity to learn from Courtney, whom I wholeheartedly believe to be one of the best instructors in the country, would be crazy not to pounce on it.

Audrey Henson – Working Student C Square Farm 2015

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