Bucks County Horsepark Horse Trials – Revere, Pennsylvania. June 27, 2004

Another day started early and ended with good results. Courtney and John began the day, competing at the Training Level. They put in good performances in all three phases to finish in 4th place.

Kathy Bell on Snowy, Jennifer Bell on Patty Moshanko’s The Color of Kells, and Amy Lindgren on Mullacash Paddy all competed at the Beginner Novice Level. Kathy and Jennifer finished on their dressage scores, earning 1st and 3rd place. Amy jumped clean and added only a little time to finish in 4th.

Also competing on former C Square Farm horses were Tribbie McKinnon on Carlingford Sky, who finished 5th at the Training Level, and Audrey Hall on Kilowen, who finished 6th at the Novice Level.

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