Buying from an Professional Seller

For some people, the last place that they think of looking for a new horse is with a professional horse seller.

Instead they pour through local horse newspapers, search online classifieds, and attend sport horse auctions. While these methods can lead you to a suitable horse, you many increase your chances of finding your next mount and save time and trouble by shopping from a professional.

Popular lore may have horse sellers ranked along with used car dealers, but in many ways, the professional seller is far more motivated to be open and honest than someone selling a single horse. The professional needs a good reputation and referrals from today’s clients in order to maintain a successful business. Since she will still be selling horses in years to come, it is in her best interest to be an honest representative of horses for sale. And while an individual seller may not set out to intentionally misrepresent his horse, he may not have the same focus on making sure that a buyer knows what she is getting.

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