Checking in from Nottingham! August 14, 2020

Ever have a “ready, set, go” type of week? That’s how it’s been at C Square Farm this week! After a successful weekend at Fair Hill International, Courtney got right back to work with the training and sales horses. Monday morning found her showing a sale horse at 6am, before jetting off to Olney Farm to teach a cross-country clinic.

Then it was Coffee with Courtney for this week’s #TrainingTipTuesday. We ended up moving the LIVE video up to 8:30am so that Courtney could get to a lesson. We noticed that we have quite a few more people tuning in live. So that made us wonder … What time slot works best for you: 8:30am or 12noon? Let us know your preference here!

After #TrainingTipTuesday concluded, Courtney was off to lessons with show jumping coach Richard Picken on Tuesday and Wednesday (which you’ll see in the videos below). Thursday and Friday found the team at home showing horses to prospective buyers and training for the next competition.

Believe in the Stars (aka “Bits”) is still pregnant … yes you read that right … after all that worry, she’s now decided that she’s going to hold onto this baby a little longer. But maybe this weekend will be the weekend?? Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram as we’ll be sure to post #foalspam photos there first!

Remember that Courtney is still offering virtual lessons for those that aren’t able to trailer out for lessons due to COVID19, and payment is on a “pay-as-you-can” basis. This has been a popular option for some of our clients who have purchased horses and live in more remote areas.

Please be sure to stay in touch, either via phone, email or one of our social media outlets. Let us know how you’re doing … but know that we can’t wait to be able to see you in person soon. And don’t forget to tune into our Facebook page every Tuesday for a Facebook LIVE event.

P.S. – Don’t forget about our our small business feature in future e-newsletters and on our Facebook page. To participate simply email Margaret with your logo (or other photo) and description, and she’ll take it from there.

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