Checking in from Nottingham! October 2nd, 2020

This past weekend, Courtney took Excel Star Tick Tock and R River Star to ESDCTA Horse Trials to run the Preliminary with each of them. Not sure if Courtney didn’t have enough diet mountain dew, but she unfortunately missed the same cross-country fence on both horses, resulting in a technical elimination on each. But … the good news is that the horses don’t know they didn’t win, and both were absolute rock stars. River would have finished in 3rd, and Tickles would have finished 6th.


This weekend the team heads south to Morven Park Horse Trials with a group of Training level horses. Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for updates throughout the weekend!


Aside from the competitive news, we’ve been very busy with the sales side of the business. We sold 4 horses last week, and are actively looking to refill out stalls! So if you know of anyone that has been having trouble selling their horse, send them our way. Remember that we take horses in of all levels and price ranges, and are currently actively looking for quality horses under $30,000 as we have several clients shopping.


For this week’s video, we wanted to give you a sneak peak at Excel Star Darcy schooling at home with one of our students. This is such a lovely fellow, and we’re sure that he’s going to find his perfect person soon!



Please be sure to stay in touch, either via phone, email or one of our social media outlets. Let us know how you’re doing … but know that we can’t wait to be able to see you in person soon.


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All the best,
Courtney and Neal