Fair Hill at Plantation Field Starter Trials – Unionville, Pennsylvania. November 10, 2002

With the fall weather moving in we took a bunch of students and horses to the Starter Trials in Unionville. Justine Dutton rode our friend Rainey’s Squid and finished in the ribbons with a lovely test and jumping rounds. Patty Moshanko took Paul out and also finished in the ribbons. Courtney also took Weatherspoon and King Reilly in the Training division and both finished with ribbons as well.

Two newcomers to the eventing trials joined us. Ashley Bachman worked hard all summer and fall and culminated her work in a ribbon in the Elementary division with Hanna. Lauren Barone also joined us on Jim Thorton’s Adrian who she had been leasing. Adrian is quite green to eventing and Lauren did a fabulous job educating him for the future.