Fair Hill International Horse Trials – Elkton, MD. April 20-22, 2012

Courtney competed with Decorated and R Star at Preliminary as well as Ballinlaugh Ice, Lazer Lavender and Nevaeh at Training. Courtney continued her success in the dressage with Decorated, R Star, and Nevaeh all scoring in the 20s; Icey and Lavender were not too far behind scoring in the 30s.

The horses had good rounds in Stadium Jumping, with Decorated, Ballinlaugh Ice, and Nevaeh having clear rounds. R Star jumped clear but added one second of time, and Lavender went well, adding a single rail.

By Sunday, the good weather that we had for the earlier part of the competition gave way to a cold rain. Decorated had a clear cross country round to finish on his dressage score in 2nd place. R Star lost her concentration on her way to the second fence, adding a refusal; she went on to jump clear the rest of the course, finishing out of the ribbons. Icey jumped clear to finish in 7th place; Lavender also jumped clear, but finished out of the ribbons. By the time for Nevaeh to go, we decided that the weather and footing had worsened enough not to run her on cross country.

As we were on foalwatch for the arrival of Grove of Stars; we always had a couple of people back at the farm, and we only got video of Stadium Jumping.