Fair Hill International Horse Trials – Elkton, MD. May 29, 2011

With Courtney riding 5 horses in one day and Gillian Cowley riding Gabriella Rossellini, it was quite busy for both of them and all of those who helped us get everything done.

Courtney started off at the Training Level riding sales horses A Midday Star (Esther), Ho Hum (Nicholas), and Ceilidh Dancer (Caylee) as well as our own Nevaeh. Esther was Courtney’s first ride. She put in a great dressage test, scoring 28.6 and placing 3rd. In separate divisions, Nicholas scored 31.8 to place 2nd, and Nevaeh 32.3 in 3rd. Caylee put in a solid test, but placed out of the ribbons.

All four horses had good stadium jumping rounds, but only Nicholas was able to leave all of the rails up and take his dressage score onto cross country. The other three each had a different single rail down, part of the 70% of Training horses with faults on the stadium course. Courtney then added clear cross country jumping rounds of all four horses, with Nicholas finishing in 1st place, Nevaeh in 3rd, Esther in 4th, and Caylee out of the ribbons.

Gillian and Gabby did their Novice dressage while Courtney was jumping the Training horses. Gillian did not let the lack of coaching during warm up get her or Gabby down as the pair tied for 1st place with a score of 28.7. Once Courtney finished her Training rides, she did her Novice Dressage with R Star (Hope); they scored well receiving a 33.0 but placing out of the ribbons.

Gillian and Gabby jumped clear in stadium and on cross country to finish on their dressage score, now alone in 1st place. Courtney and Hope had a good stadium round, but added a rail. They jumped clear on cross country, ending in good form, but out of the ribbons.