Havasu’s Corner, August 2010

Havasu on Cross Country at the Bromont Three Day CCI 2* (Photo by Calina Ritchie)

This vacation stuff is b-o-r-i-n-g! Being the old man of the bunch, I get longer vacations than the young’ns. While I’m not complaining too much–who wouldn’t enjoy a little vacation–I was a little jealous when Tag got to start showing again while I stayed home doing light work.

It seems that Tag was actually listening on those long trailer rides when I was telling him all about how to get extra carrots after dancing in the white box. What Courtney doesn’t know is that while she’s away at shows, I’m practicing my dressage moves. I can’t let that little guy beat me!

Courtney tells me that she’s looking to add another horse to the team. At first I was a little jealous. I mean, seriously … ANOTHER horse to share carrots with!? But I’m kinda liking my role of yoda, and wouldn’t mind having another horse to boss around. Ooops … did I say that?? I mean, I’d love to have another horse to take under my wing. Yes … much better!

Until next time … whinny at you later!