Vegas Run


Name : Vegas Run
Owner : Courtney Cooper & Neal Camens
Age : 2005
Height : 16.2h
Color : Bay
Sex : Gelding
Breed : Thoroughbred
Dam : Sandy EF
Sire : Mojave Moon
Discipline : Eventing

Vegas joined the Event Team in in June 2011. Before coming to C Square Farm, he had spent some time training as a racehorse, but he never started a race.

He competed with Courtney up through the Preliminary level before becoming Neal’s competition horse, competing at Beginner Novice and Novice. In 2015, Sidney Baughman started competing with Vegas as well, moving up to Preliminary in the Spring of 2016. Vegas splits his time competing with both Neal and Sid.

Vegas is a very sweet horse, happy to take care of his rider when needed, but also ready to be athletic and work hard when asked.

USEA Record