Kathy Bell

From Mobile, Alabama, Kathy and her family purchased Snowy, from C Square Farm in the fall of 2003. Kathy spent a month in the summer of 2004 fine-tuning their relationship. Much was learned and results were plenty as Kathy and Snowy won two of their three competitions up North.

In 2005, Kathy returned for another summer with C Square Farm. This year she spent a lot of time competing on her own Snowy and on Toy Master, who she leased from us for the summer before purchasing him in the fall. Kathy had a great deal of success, including wins at Bucks County, Seneca, and the prestigious Stuart Horse Trials.

In 2006, Kathy returned for her third summer with us. She competed several times with Toy Master. Highlights included 1st place at the Maryland Horse Trials and two other 2nd place finishes at the Training Level.  Kathy and Toy Master moved up to Preliminary, including completing a CCI 1* before she moved on to other endeavors in college, selling Toy Master to another Young Rider.