Matching Horse and Rider Experience

Matching many things between horse and rider can be good when searching for the right horse. There is at least one key area however where its best to look for your opposite, and that is in experience.

A less experienced rider should look for horse who “has been there and done that,” and a young inexperienced horse is best suited for an experienced rider. As they say in the show ring, “Green and green do not make blue.”

This issue often comes up with junior riders who together with their family are looking for a horse that can grow along with them. Instead, look for an experienced horse; in eventing these horses are often called “packers” because they can carry a rider around as if they were a backpack. Riding a good horse who knows his or her job can make up for mistakes that invariably happen while at the same time making a good ride look effortless.

To find an experienced horse at an affordable price, a buyer may have to compromise a little on how fancy a horse moves or looks, and experienced horses often come with some health issues that require maintenance. But choosing the packer can lead to more happiness and less frustration when in the saddle.

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