New Year’s Reflections from Courtney

Tender Bravissimo takes the Win at the American Eventing Championships!

Like most people the time around New Years is a time to reflect and figure out where you have been, where are you going and what excites you and what your dreams are …i.e.what blows up your skirt.

2016 was a year I accomplished a life long goal of competing at Rolex, made even more sweet by riding my first home bred through the finish flags.

Another goal was realized by having a group of people come together with the Dare to Dream Team’s Tender Bravissimo……. and with his win at the American Eventing Championships.

There were defeats, sorrows and sadness and there were accomplishments by friends, students, horses … too many to list.

One of my big goals this year is to create memories, to motivate, encourage, and challenge myself and those around me to live life to the fullest.

Life is brief, love hard, play harder, be respectful, honest and be the person who can say at the end, I took chances, I lived life to the fullest, I scared myself regularly, sometimes I failed but sometimes… those challenges sure paid off.

May all of you have the happiest of New Years and that the New Year bring you joy, love, growth and lots of laughter and memories!  ~  Courtney