Ownership and Sponsor Ideas, August 2010

As everyone knows, eventing is an expensive sport. To get to the top you need good vets, good farriers, a good team, and most of all good horses. From the day-to-day expenses of horse upkeep to competitions, travel and incidentals, it would be very difficult to achieve such goals as international success and US Team representation without the generous support of sponsors and owners.

At C Square Farm, we’ve been brainstorming different ways to get people involved. Here are a few of our ideas. Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions.

Buy into a current C Square horse: Our current group of horses is extremely special. Havasu Canyon, who is currently owned by a group of individuals named “The Four Star Group”, is turning into a steady eddy at the big events, Who’s A Star just did his first CCI**, and Star Dazzler is doing well at Preliminary. Additionally, we have a herd of young horses just waiting for their time to shine. Buy-in prices would start at a minimal amount with an annual maintenance fee.

Sponsor the team: Instead of sponsoring just one horse, you can buy into the whole team. This way, should something happen to one horse, there will be others to follow.

Purchase a new horse: Want to purchase a new horse? Courtney will assist in the search for the new horse and then campaign it to its full potential. It’s your choice whether you want to buy a young horse or something that is already out and competing. Young horses start at $10,000, while campaigning horses start at $50,000 plus. In addition to the purchase of the horse, you would be responsible for the monthly upkeep. Should you be interested, C Square Farm can set up a joint ownership.