Pine Top Farm Horse Trials – Thomson, Georgia. February 2-3, 2008

In the first event of the year, Courtney rode Who’s a Star, Eyore, and Icy Mist and at Novice as well as Tally Ho and Ms. Flintstone at Beginner Novice. Tally was the dressage leader of the bunch, placing 1st with a score of 29.5. She added a rail in stadium and jumped clear in cross country to finish 1st. Not to be outdone, “Wilma” Flintstone placed 3rd after dressage in a different division before adding double clears in stadium and cross country to also finish in 1st place.

Who’s a Star or “Tag” is our oldest homebred, now 4 1/2 years old. Competing in his first recognized event, he did quite well in the dressage, placing 3rd and only added a rail a stadium to stay in the ribbons. He then took a little additional time on cross country, jumping clean but being green to finish 9th. Eyore also did well in the dressage, placing 4th; he then added a little time in stadium and cross country to finish 6th. Icy did well in all three phases, jumping clear and finishing 9th.

Also competing was Betty Morgan on Direct Glenfiddich at Training. Betty and “Glen” are stabling at Full Gallop with the Event Team through the end of March. They had a good dressage test and stadium jumping round, but had decided before the event not to run cross country.