Plantation Field Horse Trials – Unionville, PA. April 10-11, 2009

The Event Team had a busy weekend with Courtney riding 6 horses, and Jasmine Wallace competing at Novice. With lots of rain Friday night, and most of the day on Saturday, things turned pretty wet and muddy for dressage and stadium jumping. Luckily, the sky cleared Saturday night, and although the wind turned Sunday into a cold day, it dried out the footing for cross country.

At Preliminary, Courtney rode Scout, Eyore, and Who’s a Star (“Tag”). Scout and Eyore put in good performances in all three phases, jumping well in the mud on Saturday and jumping clear on the cross country on Sunday. As they are both still learning the ropes at Preliminary, Courtney took her time on cross country and the two of them finished out of the ribbons. Tag slogged through mud on Saturday doing well in the dressage and stadium jumping, but we decided not to run him on Sunday.

Courtney competed with Star Dazzler (“Simon”) and Blonde Ambition (“Sandy”) at Training. They both did very well in dressage, placing 4th and 5th respectively. They also jumped well in stadium adding only a few points to their scores. Simon went on to jump clear on cross country adding only a few seconds of time to finish 6th. Sandy, who was competing for only the second time at Training, had what was shaping up to be a very good cross country round before she joined many of the horses with a stop at a large log into the water to finish out of the ribbons.

Courtney rounded out both days at Novice with Mr. Parks. They did great in dressage, placing 1st before adding a couple rails in the mud of stadium. The pair went on to go clear on cross country and finish 8th. Jasmine and On April’s Dawn (“Bella”) put in a solid dressage test before going clear in stadium. They continued their good jumping on Sunday, also jumping clear on cross country to finish 6th.