Plantation Field Horse Trials – Unionville, Pennsylvania. May 10-11, 2008

Back at nearby Plantation Field, Courtney had a busy weekend riding six horses. Franklin, competing in his first Horse Trials, led the team; competing at Beginner Novice, he finished on his dressage score in 2nd place. At Novice, Icy Mist put in a good dressage test, added a rail in stadium, and jumped clean on cross country to finish 7th.

At Training, Courtney rode Dunlavin No Pajamas, Dunlavin Fox, Dark Chocolate Mousse, and Kentucky Bourbon. No Pajamas (Streaker) placed 3rd in the dressage, and went on to jump clean and under time in stadium and on cross country to finish 3rd. Fox tied for 2nd in the dressage and jumped clean on cross country, but he added a rail ins stadium to finish in 4th place. Chocolate, did well in all three phases, jumping clean in stadium and cross county to also finish 4th. And Bourbon did well in the dressage and jumped clean in stadium, but he had a peek at the water jump on cross county and finished out of the ribbons.


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