Poplar Place Farm Horse Trials – Hamilton, Georgia. September 8-10, 2006

After spending the week in nearby Newnan, Georgia, Courtney and Toy Story began the CIC** by placing 6th in the dressage. They went on to add a clean cross country jumping round to move up to 4th and finish the stadium jumping with a qualifying score maintaining their 4th-place standing and allowing them to compete in the Radnor Hunt CCI** in October.

Moving up to Preliminary, Courtney and Cassie’s Shot did very well in the dressage, placing 1st. The pair went on to jump clean in cross county adding only a little time; together with a good show jumping round they finished 5th. Chocolate also had a very good dressage test; competing at Novice, Courtney and he scored 24.7 (75.3%) and placed 1st. They added only a rail in stadium jumping to slip to 2nd, but unfortunately had some trouble at the ditch on cross country and did not finish.

Competing at the Training Level, Kathy Bell rode Toy Master. They did well in the dressage and then went on to jump clean on cross country to move into 2nd place. Finally in stadium jumping, they added a rail, as did nearly the entire division to maintain their placing, finishing 2nd.