Company Sponsorships

Courtney On Havasu

Company sponsorship has many levels, and is a great way to be involved with the team.

Depending on the amount of support, be it in cash, product, or services, C Square Farm will provide recognition and conveniences. These include:

  • Saddle pad logo
  • Sign on trailer
  • Ad on
  • Advertising space in monthly e-newsletter
  • Logo on clothing worn by Courtney and the C Square Farm staff
  • Use of C Square Farm Event Team in advertising

For information on our current sponsors, click here.

Courtney is happy to work with your company in developing new products or improving current ones. She and the C Square Farm staff can utilize your products not only at home but at shows where hundreds of fellow horse people will see your product in action.

For more information on how to take advantage of the many opportunities involving Courtney and C Square Farm please contact our Marketing Coordinator, Margaret Rizzo at or 301.502.8929.