Investment Horses

Scout, a 2008 investment horse, now competing successfully at the Preliminary Level

Investment Horses provide a rewarding avenue for involvement with the C Square Farm.

Different Options are Available. The most widely used option is listed below:

An investment horse would be purchased by the investor-owner based on Courtney’s recommendation. The investment horse then stays in training with Courtney, who as trainer-owner continues to access, train and market him as she thinks is appropriate. You, as the investor-owner are responsible for all out of pocket expenses, including shoeing, vet work, competition costs, etc.

We, as the trainer-owner would be responsible for continued training and boarding costs at our farm. Upon sale of the horse, our normal board rates would be deducted and his uncharged transportation costs to competitions would be repaid. After all of this was paid and whatever costs the investor-owner had put in were recovered, the profit would be split 50%-50% between the investor-owner and the trainer-owner.

References are available with past investor -owners.