Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials – Aiken, SC. March 2-3, 2013

The Event Team had a large contingent at Sporting Days Farm, with 6 riders competing.  The big winner of the group was Sport, who was competing for the first time since last April.

Courtney and Sport led their Beginner Novice division with a 30 in dressage and then went on to jump clear in stadium and cross country to finish in 1st place. Courtney also rode Rock Star in Beginner Novice. “DJ” is the latest of our homebreds to event, and Sporting Days was her first competition ever. She had a good day achieving our goal for all of our horses’ first events of staying in the ring and jumping all the jumps.

At Novice, Courtney rode Tough Love a young sales horse. “Diego” did well jumping clear in both phases to finish on his dressage score in 6th place.

We also had 3 students competing at Novice. Michaela Holcomb on Cloud Nine, scored 31.7 in dressage, added just a rail in stadium, and went clear on cross country to finish 4th. Charlotte Gardiner on Coltrane, and Haley Glofka on Outstanding Rhythm, who are joining us in Aiken for a month, both finished on the their dressage scores in 3rd and 11th.

At Training, Tatum Stam rode Catch Me if U Can and Kim Russell rode Allia. Both pairs did well in dressage, with Tatum and “Chase” having clear jumping rounds to place 6th. Kim and Allia, jumped clear on cross country and added a rail in stadium to finish 11th.
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