Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials – Aiken, South Carolina. February 9-10, 2008

Courtney rode Lincoln, Icy Mist, Tally Ho and Ms. Flintstone at Novice. All did well with Lincoln leading the way by placing 2nd in the dressage and then jumping clean in cross country and stadium to move up and win his division. Icy and Tally were both in the ribbons after dressage; they also jumped clean, with each finishing 2nd in their divisions. “Wilma” Flintstone also did well in the dressage, placing 1st with a 28.5 (71.5%!). She has an unfortunate glance off in cross country, but had a clean stadium round to finish 7th.

At Training, Kelley Merette rode Monster Boy and Betty Morgan rode Direct Glenfiddich. They each did well, with Kelley and Monster putting in a good dressage test and jumping clean in stadium and cross country. Some time on cross country kept them out of the ribbons. Betty and “Glen” had their best dressage score ever. They added a clean stadium jumping round but had a little trouble at one fence on cross country to also finish outside the ribbons.