Sporting Days Horse Trials – Aiken, South Carolina. February 12-13, 2005

Next the Event Team stayed even closer to their winter home in Aiken, competing at nearby Sporting Days Farm. Rebecca Gray lead the way moving back up to the preliminary level on Which One’s That. They did well in all three phases, with a clean cross county round, adding only a single rail in stadium jumping to finish 7th.

Courtney rode three horses at the training level: Toy Master (Tucker), Lindy, and Much More (Phelps). Tucker and Lindy both jumped clean in stadium jumping and cross country to finish 5th and 7th respectively. Phelps did well also, but added a stop cross county to finish out of the ribbons. Also competing were Christine Weir and Severn Dandelion (Teaspoon). In the horse’s first competition at the training level, they did well adding on a single stop on cross country for a successful completion.