Tatum Stam

Tatum2Tatum Stam was a working student at C Square Farm for 9 months and sent us this lovely reflection of her time at our farm.

“Working student positions are an opportunity for the next generation of riders to engulf themselves in a sport.  Working for Courtney did this for me and so much more. I had the pleasure of working with the C Square team for about 9 months and in that time my education in the saddle and out of the saddle grew at a rate I was not expecting.

“When I came to work for Courtney my horse was recovering from an injury and because of this I was given the opportunity to ride sale horses as well as C Square home bred horses.  From my understanding, many other working student positions don’t give riders the opportunity to ride so much.  Watching Courtney compete at the upper levels with her homebreds while knowing I had a part in helping she and her horses compete at that high of a level was character building and inspirational.

“Courtney gave me the one-on-one attention I needed to become a better rider even when her day was packed with clients from morning to night. She believed in myself as well as my horse and gave us the keys to move from novice to preliminary safely.

“Working students do well when they have the mind set of wanting to get the most out of their experience and knowing that it will be hard work.  The days are long but are truly worth it.  In nine months I improved my riding and was able to see the side of sales and breeding that I was curious about.

“C Square allowed me to find what I wanted to do in the horse industry and what might not be for me. If you are serious about furthering your knowledge and want to be around a team that will push you and support you to do that then I highly recommend this farm!”