Anne Marie

Our trainer, my daughter, and I visited C Square Farm three times while shopping for a horse for my daughter. Each time we visited, Courtney showed us four or five horses. What was most impressive was the amount of time she took with us–she obviously wanted to be sure that we thoroughly considered each horse, especially the ones we were interested in. In all three visits, we were with her a minimum of four hours. She or one of her staff rode each horse to show us at first, and then my daughter, daughter’s friend (who was also shopping), and in some cases our trainer would ride. We never felt rushed.

Also commendable was Courtney’s communication with our trainer before we arrived–it was clear that she narrowed down the selection to the horses that were appropriate for my daughter’s ability level and did not waste time by showing us horses that would not have suited us.

In the horse world, which as you know is often different from the business world, there are few people as reliably prepared and on time as Courtney. We were never kept waiting. Also, the paperwork was fast and convenient. We made offers on two horses, and Courtney had a contract ready in 5 minutes each time. Further kudos to her for accepting our decision, following a vet check which revealed a potential problem, to decline the first horse we offered to purchase. She was understanding and professional. After the first two visits to C Square, Courtney knew my daughter well enough to say to our trainer, as she led a horse out of the barn, “This is the horse you’ll be going home with.” Sure enough, he was–and he has worked out beautifully.

I said to our trainer that we should just plan on working with Courtney until we found the right horse, even though C Square is nearly a three hour drive from our home–Courtney just made the process so much easier than any other barn we’d visited. Since I work part-time, I really appreciated the efficiency of being able to visit and know we would have a good group of horses to see, all in one location.

I would recommend you wholeheartedly to everyone I know–buyers and sellers! If I ever win the lottery, I’ll be coming back to you for two or three more horses.

Courtney, we are so very fortunate to have connected with you. I’m going to buy all of my horses from you–a thousand thanks!

- Anne Marie

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