In 2002 Courtney helped me purchase my horse. He was an excellent horse for me, but when I transferred colleges, I knew I had to sell him. I was happy knowing I had Courtney to send him to as a sales horse. I was impressed at how understanding she was of my situation at the time. She found him his new owners in no time flat, and it turned out to be a very profitable sale for my family. My parents were thrilled to have horse money coming in instead of going out for once!!

That aside, the true reason I would repeatedly sell my sales horses through Courtney is that it lessened so much of the stress on my end. She has so many great contacts and such an eye for matching horse and rider — and as a person that gets attached to my horses — knowing that my horse will be matched up with a great new home helps quell the sadness of the sale process. All in all — quick and painless!

- Chloe

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