Courtney, you did a wonderful job of helping me find the right match, the right temperament, the right horse. My partnership with Davey grows each day and I am so appreciative of his demeanor. He truly wants to please and do a good job. You were completely accurate in your assessment stating “he’s a real trier.”

Joining you in Florida to look at horses was time and money well-spent. I was impressed with your ability to stay non-biased while showing horses to me that were not your own. Your conduct was always professional; it was noted and appreciated.

I must also thank you for allowing me to ride your horses even when you knew I was not interested in purchasing them. Riding Lord Robert was the best thing that happened to me (besides buying Davey) while in Florida. That opportunity truly helped me regain my confidence for riding cross country and reminded me what I was looking for in an event horse. Thank you!!

Now that we have done business with selling and buying a horse, I can say I have no reservations recommending your services to anyone desiring to do the same.

I wish you continued success and I hope to see you at a horse trial soon!

- Lora

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