Tip of the Month, November 2010

Now is the time of year to reflect. This month and next we’ll start thinking about planning for next year, thinking about what went right this year and what needs work.

When you have a moment, spend some time and thinking about the whole year, not just the last few months. Write down what your horse did, how you changed your training to respond, and if you were successful.

For example, if your horse pulled on cross country, you may have worked on different compression and extension exercises or made a minor bit change, and now you’re able to decide when to go forward rather than being pulled along. Or if you were having rails in stadium because you were losing your position in the tack, you may have tried working without stirrups. You have improved your position, but you’re still having rails.

Think of as many things as possible, and then think forward about what you would like to change and what changes make sense for you.

Next month we will work on how to turn these goals into reality!