Virginia International Three-Day Event – Lexington, VA. May 22-24, 2009

Courtney rode Who’s a Star (Tag) and Eyore in the CCI* (Preliminary Level Three-Day Event). Both horses (as well as Courtney and all of us at C Square Farm) worked hard to qualify and prepare for this big completion, and we were excited for it to begin.

On Friday, Tag did very well in the dressage placing 4th, only 2.2 points off the lead. Eyore also put in a very good test, standing only 5.9 points behind him. The big test came on Saturday with the cross country. At nearly 7 1/2 minutes long, the course was nearly 50% longer than many at many of the horse trials. Both horses jumped clear and finished only slightly outside the optimum time. Sunday brought stadium jumping in the indoor coliseum. Again each horse went well, with Tag jumping clear to finish in 5th place, and Eyore having a good round to finish 10th.

Congratulations to Courtney and the two horses.