Tip of the Month, December 2010

Continuing our discussion from last month:

Now to turn those challenges into reality!

Take your top 3 things you want to change and think of the 3 biggest obstacles to changing your behavior; then think of the 3 ways you would handle those obstacles …

For example,

“I want to stay positive at competitions.”

Potential Obstacles:

1. Bad Warmup
2. Bad Performance
3. Peer Pressure

Coping Strategies:

1. If I am having trouble in warmup I am going to think back to my lessons with my coach and how we handled a situation and work thorough it the way I would if I had a coach standing by me, methodically and systematically. I will even write down potential problems that could happen in my warm-up, and what has been successful in dealing with these issues in the past, and review this before I get on.

2. If my performance is not what I want when I am in the moment of the performance, I am going to again go back to what I know has worked and been successful before in lessons or other competitions, and will keep a positive attiitude by saying I have worked through this before and I can do this again, rather than spiraling down the hole of self-doubt.

3. If my peers start talking about how this is hard or how they don’t think anyone will have a clear round or any other negative talk, I will excuse myself and walk to a quiet space and repeat to myself that this is about me and my horse and I am prepared and have trained for this competition.

By going through these exercises and going back to your goals for the year and the changes you want to make, I think you will find more success in the New Year. Best of Luck!